Tuesday, February 7, 2017

big news!

this emerald beauty by Custom in NoDa

Bryan proposed on New Year's Eve of 2016.  right at midnight while the futurebirds were playing on stage covered in glitter.  my sister and brad were there to witness.  i should have suspected just based on that alone since they never leave the house, but i didn't.  i was so distracted with other things (the loss of my job).  this came at the perfect time.  it was so far from my realm of thinking that it was a complete surprise which made the moment so perfect.  i get embarrassed when i am overly emotional and i definitely was, but it was such a pure moment.  i was so happy.  and the ring is everything i could ask for in a ring.  it made me so happy that he picked it out all by himself.  he chose an emerald, my birthstone which i love.  i love the gold and the extra little art deco detailing.  it is simple and beautiful.  we are thinking of a mountain elopement...stay tuned!

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