Wednesday, December 12, 2012

baking: the Compost cookie

working on a batch of Momofuku Milk Bar's famous compost cookies....they are a famous bakery in NYC known for their wild cookie creations.  i have been purchasing these for Christmas gifts from William Sonoma, but had to make a batch to see what the fuss is all about myself...

annoyingly it does not include the chips or pretzels you need for the cookies.  you will also need to pick up an egg and some butter.  the recipe is definitely not the easiest in the world (you have to use an electric beater on the butter for 10 minutes!), but the results are yummy.
these diva cookies need to "rest and chill" in the fridge for at least an hour or longer to firm up.  an hour was enough for me, but i'm assuming the longer the better.  they only make 9 cookies!
the end result: 9 giant, thin, chewy, crisp cookies with a ton of texture and flavors.  I will probably make them again!

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