Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a look back at 2012


a birthday trip to Orlanda Universal Studios and Disneyworld!


Irene brings home Ponyo, my Chihuahua-daschund mixed neice!
started working at Luna's, a raw-vegan restaurant
Woody Harrelson and Flea caused a ruckus when they stopped into Luna's
Irene's birthday cake
jazzed up our bedroom by getting a bedframe (finally!)
finally set up the studio room for my Etsy shop
inherited shaughn's sofa and jazzed up the living room with some end lamps
a cabin and Jacuzzi in the mountains for my 30th birthday
visiting Irene and took a beach trip to Carolina Beach and did
some summer shopping
set our wedding date: October 20th...Las Vegas style and channeling Elvis
and Priscilla

purchased this gorgeous, sequined number by Parker for Vegas
picked up an awesome gig at RR Donelly as an assistant stylist
with a bunch of really cool girls, woot woot

 non-stop working working working and wedding planning!

 treated myself to these gorge Prada glasses

 my bachelorette party, thanks Liz!
our Las Vegas quickie wedding
we had the time of our lives!
two gorgeous thanksgiving pies at James and Matt's house
my friend Kelly Keith painted this gorgeous portrait of matt
and Theodore
lights, lights, lights for the Holidays!
2 successful craft fairs this month.  how fun!
Christmas Parties Galore!


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