Saturday, July 7, 2012

wedding on a budget: the shoe

{the shoe}

{Dalva, by L.A.M.B. $399}

my friends that know me know how much i love 1. a cage heel, 2. platforms,
3. hardware on shoes.  so these are perfect!

i always LOVE zipper-detailing and this one has a sassy gold zipper

and i adore L.A.M.B. shoes so this gives me an excuse to splurge on a pair.
and i will definitely wear these again.  the tiny detail is they don't go with the
dress, so now i am on the hunt for a different dress!  *haha*

so easy to get carried away...

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IreneNguyen said...

95% of the wedding stuff you've posted on here has been returned LOL...make up your mind!!!! :P