Thursday, July 26, 2012

gift to myself

"Camels on Parade" by Kate Spade $85

splurged and got myself a Kindle Fire today to reward myself for all my hard work lately LOL.  also considering it a "business investment" since i can check my emails and orders on the go on vacation or working.  i am the most non-tech savvy girl ever so the idea of a smartphone terrifies me and the little tiny touchscreen seems so awkward.  i know i'm the last person on earth to not have one, but i'm okay with that.

anyways, the fun part will be shopping for a sassy case for it.  i'm eyeballing these two so far.

i'll write a review for it when i figure out how to use it.  i think i'm gonna pick up the e-reader version of 50 Shades of Grey i keep hearing about...

Dreamy Logo Tablet Case by Marc Jacobs $98

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