Saturday, July 21, 2012

home: a new dresser

my sister has been spending a lot of time decorating her new apartment in Chapel Hill by hunting down finds on Craigslist.  i am normally pretty lazy when it comes to shopping, but i do love finding a good vintage find.  i have been on the hunt for a cool, small dresser for our bedroom.  browsing through Craigslist i found this one at a local vintage store. the print is one from Etsy that reminds me every day what we are working towards.

the store is in Indian Trail and features modern mid-century furniture.  can't wait to go on a Saturday and browse.  the drawers are a bit small, but i like petite furniture and it fits all of matt's clothes fine.  now the we re-signed the lease another year here at the apartment i will probably start purchasing more art and decor to create a more "permanence" in our space.

decor hint:  use your pretty baubles like these necklaces here almost as decor or pops of color on your walls.  especially when you're living in a tight space like our small apartment.  so busy with wedding planning......decided that when we get back from wedding and honeymoon stuff we will save for a down payment on a house.  it is time!

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