Friday, March 7, 2008

Boring Update.

Ugh I've been trying to be good about spending money but when you work somewhere like anthropologie it's really hard! I see something I want (that I probably don't need) everyday. Anyways I've got a couple of spring things this week, but I'll be done for financial situation is a little shaky lately. I haven't really made any money off my Etsy yet, it's kinda hard to find customers I think. Hopefully I'll make some money at the art show. I finally bought something from
, an etsy shoppe i really like. It should be here soon.


Just finished a collage-style piece with owls in it that I'm really happy with. I'm pretty content right now. Now I feel like I'm in a place where I can start doing shit I want to do again.


IreneNguyen said...

you dont wear this dress ever

Stuff by Sophie said...

i've worn it once!!! shut up. i feel like a fatass in it. ill wear it this week hoochie.