Thursday, March 6, 2008


So I guess Spring is finally here! I've dragged down my summer clothes from the attic but I can't find my box of sundresses! Thank God too, I always feel so fat and gross and unproductive in the cold weather. I've kicked everything up a notch the past couple weeks: got my new car (check), learned to drive stick shift (check!), scheduled our art show (check!), got work stuff situated (check!). Now I'm just working on the art show and hopefully will have time to work on the cookbook as well in between enjoying the nice weather. I've started joggin again too. So far this week for the art show I have the following (the ones with the asterisks are new pieces i have made this week)
"Baby Alpaca" watercolor/mixed media*
"Wombat Hill" watercolor/ink
"Red Panda" watercolor/ink
"Hedgehog" watercolor/ink*
"Bunny Eats Banana" watercolor/ink
"Girl with Tapir" watercolor/ink/mixed media*
"Forest King" watercolor/ink/mixed media*
"Beetlemania" acrylic on canvas*
"Lone Penguin" acrylic on canvas*

Everything will be from $25 to $100 so I'm hoping I will sell a lot! This is really exciting!

Sushi enjoying the sun.

Andy being a creepmonster.

Our house!

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