Friday, January 1, 2016

rest in peace sweet girl

i am such a structured person and try to plan for everything when i can.  sometimes life throws you a difficult curve ball when you least expect it.  this new years eve, bryan and i had plans to go to the beach with friends to celebrate a chill new years and get out of town.  don't really want to go into graphic detail about anything but my sweet love Sushi became ill the night before and increased in severity New Years Eve day.  by 1 p.m. i was on the way to the emergency medical vet where we had the kindest doctor that walked me through what was happening to her and in a few hours she was gone.  all i can think was how grateful i was to have had her in my life and also so grateful for the blessing that i was off on New Years Eve and was able to spend her last day with her so her last moments that she can remember were full of love and comfort.  enjoy the moments with the ones you love as much as you can every day.

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