Sunday, December 1, 2013

getting there

warm beet salad with honeyed goat cheese
my new favorite salad!  I racked up at the farmer's market yesterday morning.  it will definitely be my new Saturday morning routine to load up on seasonal veggies.  I spent $20 and got a ridiculously huge box of vegetables including a huge amount of beets with the stems and beet greens attached!  what is awesome about owning a juicer is that you really don't waste anything.  I juice the stems and the skins of most of my veggies.  my new favorite salad I will definitely be making regularly, feel free to add some walnuts, chicken, or avocado for added protein and healthy fats.

warm beet salad
heart of romaine, chopped
red onion, chopped
radish, thin slices
beets, boiled until softened, cut into wedges
grape tomatoes
cucumber, seeded and diced
honey goat cheese, crumbled
balsamic dressing, mix 2-1/2 tbsp. balsamic
vinegar with 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil


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