Saturday, December 7, 2013

best of beauty 2013

this year was definitely a big year for beauty products for me this year!  last year, i decided it was time to amp up my beauty routine and start taking better care of my aging skin.  i'd always been pretty lazy about my daily routine so it was beginning to catch up with me.  here are some of my favorite products I've discovered this year and added to my ever-expanding collection and what I think of them.

i'd been anxious to try Josie Maran's Argan Oil products since I'd been seeing it pop up in magazines everywhere.  and as always, natural is always better!  if you are unsure, purchase the mini set show here that includes a small size of the Argan Cleansing Oil and the matching Argan Oil which comes with a dropper for $18.  this product is great for aging skin that could use a boost of moisture.  the reviews online are great for this product and I loved it as well.  i am nervous that my current breakouts could be from over-use of the product, since I am bad about slathering products on without thought.  use the Argan oil on spots that need that extra-moisture boost: under and around eyes, dry cheeks, elbows, etc.

I was introduced to Make Up Forever products last year when I visited a counter during our trip to Las Vegas.  I loved the final look and all of the products she put on me.  I love it for a heavier make up look that isn't TOO drag-queen-like.  They make great "buildable" makeup products where you can layer on for a light-to-heavier makeup look.  This HD definition powder is a product a lot of makeup artists at the studio that I work at use.  I finally bought it and it leaves your face SILKY and smooth and matte--basically everything you want from a setting powder.
I'd always used Lauren Mercier primers before I tried this brands primer one day at Sephora.  Well I saw it used on a friend who has similarly oily t-zone area and it soaked up the oil like a sponge.  I use it on my nose and cheeks before makeup and it leaves it super matte without drying out.
Continuing my love-affair with lipstick this past year.  This Buxom brand is one of my favorite for every day lip colors that are still fun.  A perfect blend of moisture and matte with fun colors.  Leaves your lips soft and tingly feeling.  My favorite color thus far is this bright, matte-fuschia "Monte Carlo".
This cream blush by Makeup Forever can be applied with a dry brush.  Add more color as needed to sculpt and shape your cheekbones.  I love this rosy color for every day wear and the cream keeps your cheeks from getting flaky or dry.
There is something about HEMP products that I love and this hand butter from The Body Shop is no different.  The firm, creamy texture is perfect and i love the natural seafoam green color.  Keep it on your nightstand or in your purse to keep your hands moisturized during the winter.
I love The Body Shop's Vitamin E line of face and body products.  Everything leaves your skin feeling soft and clean!  This hydrating toner is my absolute favorite.  It leaves your face feeling refreshed and prepped for your evening moisturizer.

This is on Vogue's top 10 red lipsticks of all time.  DUH!  I love M.A.C.'s line of matte lipsticks and this red color is their most popular.  it is the perfect shade of dark red that works for any skin tone.  I always keep it in my purse for that extra sass I may need.
 the models at the studio always come in with varying shades of Nude polish.  I've always been a color girl in clothes, makeup, everything.  I just gravitate towards fun, bright colors and prints.  in my old age however, I feel myself obsessing over neutrals and basics lately.  this year I tried a nude polish myself and am hooked!  it's so pretty and natural and goes with everything you wear.  it is my new every day polish and it's hard for me to mix it up and go back to my old brights of the past.

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