Sunday, February 3, 2013

lunch at Miyagi's

tuna nachos, grilled bbq pork and shrimp
Irene and I popped into Miyagi's yesterday because we were curious to try this new Korean-fusion restaurant that just popped up in NoDa.  the owner is Korean but with training in American restaurants.  the "tuna nachos" appetizer was out of this world and we ended up ordering TWO orders like that fatties we are!  they were crispy, salty, spicy, everything you would want from an appetizer.  unfortunately the plate only comes with 4 which is not enough.  I want hundreds, like a bag of Doritos.  the rest of the meal was good, but nothing special.  I will definitely come back for those nachos again!  I feel like I'm going to start waking up in my sleep panting for those damn nachos.

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