Wednesday, February 6, 2013

decorating on a budget

felted billy buds for my vases

i am pretty excited about living on my own for the first time.  how am i 30 years old and never lived completely by myself??  i hear it is a dream!  anyways, i am pretty excited by it except that i will have to do some MAJOR budgeting to afford living on my own.  that means more D.I.Y. projects with all my free alone time i will soon be having, LoL.  i promise to:  go to the gym (it is around the corner and one available at the complex!), cook myself delicious meals again (finally time to try all these recipes), work on DIY projects, build up my Etsy shop.

a corner bench made of old pallets

hand painted terra cotta pots for my patio

a cart made with an old crate

a pretty wall vase
a paper mobile
labeled floating herb garden
colorful pom pom wreath

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