Saturday, November 17, 2012

Las Vegas: DAY ONE


getting to Vegas, we found out that the hotel I'd already booked and paid for was flooded or something and had to make new arrangements....but ended up staying at a way cooler hotel, the MGM Grand. 

matt is kicking back, enjoying the view

loved all the "movie" references like this studio light

all of the rooms in Vegas had the grandest bathrooms ever

don't touch that mini-bar though....they will get you!!! $$$$

matt's favorite part....the huge comfy beds with a grand view of the strip!

champagne sent by the front desk for the newlyweds!

matt's first Vegas buffet.  he is awestruck by the desserts!

overkill!  mini tarts, pies, brulees

mine is slightly smaller:  a mini oreo cheesecake, fruit creme brulee,
vanilla cupcake, lemon tart....all mini

look at that glistening fruit

matt was dumbfounded that they sold liquor everywhere including the convenient store in the lobby and had to try these disgusting tequila lime shots before we walked the strip the first night.

the Excalibur Hotel






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