Tuesday, September 11, 2012

omg i'm in low-calorie love....

i normally don't go out of my way to rave about products, but since i haven't been going out to eat much due to my restricted diet (hello my wedding is like 39 days away!!!) i've been having to rely on easy-grab goodies and ready-made meals because of my super cray schedule as of late.  since i've been working out i get hungry at random times and sometimes just need a lil somethin' to get me through.  i was elated when i saw this reduced-guilt Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip at Trader Joe's the other day and now i am TOTALLY OBSESSED.  i know this sounds like an infomercial but it is so good at only 30 calories per serving plus packed with healthy stuff like kale, spinach, carrots and greek yogurt!  i have them with TJ's sea salt pita chips (100 calories a serving).  i saw on another site about mixing it with tuna to make a healthier tuna salad....so smart!

some more low-cal goodies i've been crazy about lately below...

all the girls make fun of me at work for eating TJ's Chicken Tikka Masala and their Tikka Paneer basically every day but it is low calorie (330 calories), tastes a million times better and more satisfying than a Lean Cuisine, and doesn't have a bunch of preservatives or weird stuff in the ingredients.  i keep a big stack in my freezer at home and work!

a few times a week i treat myself to a taro bubble milk tea for 120 calories instead of a creamy, sugary coffee drink.  the chewy tapioca balls are strangely satisfying for me.

after the gym during the week, i'll grab a wine and herb rotisserie chicken breast from my local health food store.  i get a little of the fatty skin, but mostly light, white meat and lots of protein.  these chickens can have a TON of sodium so be careful about eating too much and try to purchase high-quality chicken and white-meat only if it's available.  the leftover shredded meat can be tossed on a salad for a quick meal.


matt and i have converted to Almond Breeze's unsweetened almond milk instead of regular milk and it is only 40 calories a serving!  if i'm not starving i'll eat a bowl of cereal with this almond milk for a light dinner.

just found these thin cakes at the health food store.  the corn, quinoa, sesame cakes are only 38 calories for 3 (pretty big) crackers/cakes.  i may even replace the pita chips with these.  i also splurge on seafood salad once in a while and this would be good with a pile of crab on top....

happy healthy dieting y'all!


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