Sunday, September 16, 2012

getting winter ready

the weather has been so cool and crisp here which has put me in a frantic mood to wear the rest of my summer pieces that I haven't been able to wear yet this year!  went shopping yesterday with jenny and picked up some great beauty products for the Fall/ Winter season.  this Rice & Bamboo Gentle Dermabrasion by C.O. Bigelow is available at Bath and Body Works and is AMAZING.  it is gentle, smells soooo good, and leaves my skin baby soft afterwards.  it will be great for exfoliation and adding moisture in the cold weather.

while there i picked up my FAVORITE holiday season candle from Bath and Body Works, the Autumn scent.  So festive and guests always rave how they can smell my apartment from down the street!

now that i'm older, my skin needs all the moisture it can get.  i love tinted moisturizers all-year round for the S.P.F. and the subtle color.  this one is great and gives you smooth skin and a natural glow even in the winter.

{bare minerals foundation in medium beige $27}

my everyday foundation, bare Minerals gives you a natural, matte look without feeling bogged down by makeup.  known for giving you beautiful, natural skin and improving your skin with wear.  i wear this year goodie year round.

switch out your powder blush during the cold weather for Benefit's famous "benetint".  just put a few drops on the apples of your cheeks and use our finger to blend in for a natural, just stepped inside from the snowy outdoors flush.

i trade in my sweet, summer florals for a muskier, earthier scent like "Stella" by Tocca.  i love the scent and the bottle makes you feel like you're glamming up in a 1920's boudoir.

my all-natural sugar scrub i make (available in the "Pamper" beauty set i offer) is PERFECT for keeping your hands and feet from getting peely and dry in the cold weather.  the natural almond oil and other essential oils give your skin maximum moisture and softness while the sugar scrubs away dead, flaky skin.  awesome!

my hand-poured lip balms are made from all-natural, super moisturizing ingredients like sweet almond oil, shea butter, and blood orange essential oil and will keep your lips soft and moisturized all winter without all the nasty additives in other lip glosses.

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