Saturday, August 18, 2012

the good life.

i've been working non-stop for about a month now.  it's a good and bad thing.  i'm tired a lot, but i love being busy.  here are 5 things i've done to treat myself and keep my sanity while working like crazy:

1.  breaks with the Kindle.  treated myself to the new Kindle Fire, and i must say that it is totally worth it!  having a super-convenient e-reader makes your reading easily transportable.  i keep mine in this soft Allisa Jacobs herringbone cover and do some quick reading on my 1 hour lunch breaks.  also been spending 30 minutes mall-walking to prevent too much shopping and snacking on my lunch hour.

{allisa jacobs kindle case $30}

2.  having a weekly treat.  i've been dieting (to avoid working out LOL) for weeks now and calorie-counting like crazy for my countdown til my October wedding.  sometimes you have to allow yourself a junk-food treat!  so once a week or so i let myself have a kids meal with a diet coke or a buttery pretzel on my lunch break.  still counts under 400 calories if you get a diet coke!

3.  Getting comfy!  i've been buying and wearing super-soft jerseys and broken-in sweatshirt dresses on the daily.  accessorize easily with flats or sandals and a belt or necklace.  sweatshirt dresses from madewell, striped jersey dresses by Rachel Pally, and soft chambray shirts with denim shorts.

4.  lots of naps.  stop fighting them, just curl up on the couch and nap if your body feels like it.  sometimes you just need one!

5.  a beauty-spa day.  taking your lunch break to get your nails done.  we decided to make it a once a month ritual.  with diet coke and catching up on gossip magazines.  love being a girl!

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