Sunday, August 26, 2012

lunch at Cantina 1511

{ Crab-Jicama Salpicon on Guacamole}

matt and i have taking advantage of living in such a "foodie" neighborhood lately now that the weather is cooling down here in North Carolina.  we have a bunch of really good restaurants in walking distance, and now that we're trying to focus on a healthier lifestyle, we want to force ourselves to walk to get our food when we want to go out to eat *wink*.

Cantina 1511 is a super-popular Dilworth neighborhood restaurant focusing on authentic Mexican-fare.  the couple times i went i was disappointed because it is always so crazy-packed with yuppies and the food i ordered wasn't what i expected.  this time though i was sooo satisfied, yum!

we were dying to try this ceviche-like dip featuring lump crap and crisp jicama on top of guacamole.  delicious!

this photo doesn't do it much justice, but my fish tacos were fresh and tasty and i love a good homemade corn tortilla.  i substituted a crisp chopped salad with jicama and avocado for the heavy, starchy beans and rice and it was perfect.  i even have enough leftover for another meal.

matt ordered his usual favorite: the chimichanga.  their's was HUGE and lighter than most with less cheese/fried-ness to it and stuffed with beans and rice.  a spicy homemade tomato sauce and mole on top. 

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