Tuesday, January 10, 2017


my birthstone

2017 is going to be a good one.  sometimes when you're too anxious, too scared to make the decision for yourself you find a way to push yourself out the door.  is it a coincident i left my job a few days before Christmas, before the new, fresh year?  i doubt it.  i am a huge believer in all these crazy things happening for the right reason at the right time because it is all in your viewpoint of things.  so i am calling 2017 the year of "making lemonade".  and then a few days later, as a complete and utter surprise to me, the love of my life proposed to me.  it was so far from my psyche or thinking he was even considering it, that i had less than zero clue and it was a magical moment.  spending my days puttering around my new home with my cat and cooking all of our meals...i am so happy!  cheers to 2017 and everything that will be coming our way!  cheers to lemonade!

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