Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014, nice to meet you.

I've gained a few pounds so for New Year's this year I went with the always flattering shift dress.  It was white with gold sequins and a big bow in the front (Asos) along with sheer polka dot tights and nude pointy pumps (not as horrendously ugly as they sound).  And as always loaded up on sparkly baubles and my cropped fur.  It was a mild yet fun evening.  Matt and I broke up right after the ball drop, it was probably about 1 a.m.  How convenient for a start to the new year.  It's okay, I will be okay.  I am looking forward to happiness, positivity, and productivity for the New Year.  I would like to remain single and focus on myself and my goals for once.  For me, writing things down helps me focus on getting things done.  Here are some that I have set for myself for the upcoming year, what are your goals for the upcoming year?

A healthier lifestyleI have always had issues with my weight constantly fluctuating back and forth.  I was looking through my Istagram pictures this year getting annoyed at how I allow my weight to get so extreme because of my lifestyle.  I want to focus this year on HEALTH rather than calorie-counting.  I want to cook most of my meals, try new recipes, and keep it fun.  I have to work exercising into my routine and my new single status should make it a little easier.  My new juicer should help me keep on track with consuming more raw vegetables.  Most of my weight gain this year has been from eating out an exorbitant amount.  One way I am curbing this (and saving money!) is by packing all of my lunches.  I also made a list of nearby restaurants with a list of light and healthy options for those times I just can't make myself cook.  Meal-planning always works well for me since I enjoy cooking.  I've compiled some new recipes from Pinterest and will try to keep my rotation of meals fresh and exciting.  I have a tendency to cook the same things over and over so using recipes will keep things fresh.

Enjoy my hobbies again.  I am a jack of many trades, master of none, as the saying goes.  I've always been interested in learning and trying all kinds of things, but wouldn't consider myself great at anything in particular.  I tend to lose focus and jump back and forth between projects.  This year, since I have more time to myself, I want to jump back into some of my hobbies and spend more time honing and improving my skills.  Cooking, painting, sewing, etc.  I will try to participate in an art show or host crafting parties as motivation.


Push myself out of my comfort zoneAs a Taurus, I tend to be stubbornly close-minded about trying new things sometimes.  This year I really want to push myself out of my comfort zone and do some things that might make me a little taking a yoga class, running a 5K, going on a blind date???  I'm getting squeamish already!!!

Quality over QuantityThat is true with most things in life: food, friends, clothes.  This year I want to work on being a better friend to the great ones I already have.  Making sure that I take time out of my schedule to catch up with friends I don't get to see often by grabbing dinner or writing more letters to my long-distant friends.  Especially the past few years, I cherish the good ones and need to keep them around and feeling loved.

Work it out honey!  Now that I am hired full-time I want to make sure I keep building my styling portfolio.  I have so many ideas and it is a good way to be creative while progressing your career.  I also decided to refocus all my extra-time on building my Etsy shop and expanding my line and having a stronger local presence.  More on that to come!

Appreciate my alone time.  This is the first time I've ever lived alone in my life.  Year one down!  It was awesome once I got used to it.  It is amazing how much you start craving alone time once you're used to getting it.  Seeing a lot of my friends and their crazy busy lives with their kids makes me appreciate my time more (while I have it!) and makes me want to be as productive as possible.  This year I want to be better at scheduling out my weeks and getting things done!  I am giddy for the New Year to see what I can get done!

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