Sunday, January 20, 2013

healthy snacks

vegetable juices
it has been so nice getting into a gym routine again.  January is the beginning of a New Year and it always a good time to try to get into a new routine.  since matt and I have been eating separately more often, it has been easier for me to snack throughout the day on lower-calorie foods than the big, hefty meals I used to make for dinner which is helping with me with my weight loss goals.  just trying to get to a healthy weight for my height and also tone up a little this year.  I have never been in "good shape" so why not do it at the age of 30?  maybe I will even take a yoga class or something when I get a little more active.  here's a list of my favorite snacks to keep around the house.   *mmmmm*

Pops all natural baked chips
these small, light chips are baked and great for dipping.  each bag contains only 3
servings which makes it harder to "over" indulge.  I love eating these with one of my low-cal Trader Joe's dips like the reduced-guilt Guacamole (made with Greek Yogurt) or the Kale-spinach dip.  a new trick I've been doing is mixing a tub of Greek Yogurt (300 calories for the entire tub) with an envelope of onion soup mix (80 calories) for a low-cal, healthier dip.

homemade broccoli salad
matt brought home a container of this *DIVINE* broccoli salad from Honeybaked Ham, which unfortunately is also RIGHT NEXT TO MY GYM.  I decided to make a lower-fat version still using the fresh chopped broccoli, substituting the golden raisins for cranberries, and making the dressing out of Greek Yogurt instead of mayo.  making your own also let's you control the portions of what you put in.  as tasty as the Honeybaked Ham version is, there is too much of the good stuff (mayo, raisins, bacon!)
fresh fruit
I keep plenty of fresh fruit and veggies around so I can throw together a quick chopped salad or have a sweet snack.  avocados are back and I can eat one with a spoon.......mmmm!
cocoa puffs
I always keep some splurge foods around and cocoa puffs are around the same calories as a healthy Special K type cereal (100 calories a serving) with some almond milk (40 calories).  I know they're empty calories, but it makes a good treat!
I always keep quick meal ingredients around like Turkey Burgers from Trader Joes.  Load it up with lots of lettuce, sprouts, onion, tomato on a whole-wheat bun and some kale chips on the side for a super filling dinner.

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