Sunday, October 28, 2012

a makeup makeover

so my sister irene has been going on and on and on about how i need to get a makeover at Sephora.  they basically sit you down and you tell them what you are looking for (i.e. a natural, dewy look, etc) and they will find some new products for you.  it doesn't cost anything but you need to spend $50, which hello i spend that anyways!

we met Jasmine who is a MAKEUP FOREVER lead makeup artist at the Sephora in Las Vegas and i let her know that i wanted a heavier makeup look with a retro feel for my wedding day makeup.  here i am pre-lips on the trial day.

i loved the makeup and the tricks that i learned (applying foundation with a brush gives it a heavier look) from my session.

here we are post makeup session (the second time around).  irene was going for a mod-60s twiggy inspired look with big eyes, big lashes, pale face and nude lips.  i wanted a darker, dramatic look for my wedding look.  here are the products i ended up getting from my makeover:

loved this gorgeous lip rouge!  i typically wear a sheer glossy lip for every day, but i NEED a pop of color because my lips don't have a naturally pretty color.  most color-stay lip products that i've used leave a nasty line on your lips or dry them out.  this lip color is waterproof and stays put all night without the crustiness.  your lips feel pretty and fresh all night without reapplying woot woot!  i wear just the lip color by itself for every day and add the shiny gloss if i'm feeling sassy.  next colors to try on my list:  iconic red and chestnut.

this foundation gives you buildable coverage with a foundation brush or sponge.  my makeup artist mixed it with a full-coverage concealer for a heavier base since i wanted a full-makeup look.  i really like it for additional everyday coverage just around my nose and red areas that get too oily.  set it with a light powder for all day wear.

this is the first time i've tried a cream blush and when you use it with a fluffy brush it gives a natural glow.  it is probably closer to the color i should be using for my skin tone, a pretty mauve/ rose.  good if your cheeks tend to be drier.

my favorite purchase out of all the products!  this creamy, waterproof brow definer is awesome!  i bought a little set that came in a black pouch along with a small, but perfectly stiff brow brush and a brow comb that looks like a mascara wand.  this gives you a nicely defined natural brow.  i have been trying all kinds of pencils and powders all which looked horrible with my naturally black hair.  this one is amazing and i will buy it loyally.

finally splurged and got myself the Mia Clarisonic skin care system after reading all the reviews on Sephora's website.  i'm trying to put more focus on taking care of my skin and following a regimen now that i'm getting older. i'll let y'all know how i like it!

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