Thursday, April 24, 2008

Taurus The Bull: (April 20 -- May 19)
This is a time that will test the solidity of your relationships. Dormant or hidden tensions that are gnawing at the edges of any relationship are likely to become apparent now. Make an effort to recognize the difference between ego conflicts and genuine issues.

It's my birthday. I'm turning twenty-six and it's the first time I feel old.

It kind of sucks. I just feel fat and saggy (ew) and not young anymore. I'm going to start using that phrase that old peeps use a lot "I'm no spring chicken" haha. This Saturday is mine and Irene's twin party (only the second one, but probably the last!). I have a lot of goals for this year but I'm going to keep them secret because I'm not sure what they are yet. I definitely know for sure that I don't need some DUDE ruining my life or taking up all my time so I'm trying not to care about being single for now. I think we all go through a mid-mid-life crisis when you turn 26ish. My late twenty-something friends are all going through it except for jenny cuz she never cares about anything like that. I'm gonna keep my actual birthday (May 1st) on the DL this year and maybe just get dinner with a couple people at ru san's and go out like normal that night, nothing special, I'm sure I'll still be recovering from alcohol poisoning from my birthday party.

We got our outfits for the twin party. Haven't seen Reenie's yet shes still at mama's house. I'm sure it looks amazing.

Basically Black-and-White black tie/ tuxedo look. This with heels. Of course I don't look good like these skanks but it's still a cute concept.



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